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Why Partner With Us?

Together, We Can Initiate Action

LBCG possesses an understanding of today's marijuana landscape and the existing work underway, baseline data on marijuana-related problems to develop the case for change, and an initial governance structure that includes strong and credible champions. 


Together, We Can Organize for Impact

This requires that stakeholders work together to establish common goals, create a supporting backbone infrastructure, and begin the process of aligning the different organizations involved against the shared goals. 


Together, We Can Sustain Action and Impact

This requires that stakeholders pursue prioritized areas for action in a coordinated way, systematically collect data, and put in place sustainable processes that enable active learning and course correcting as they track progress toward their common goals. 

EDUCATORS - $25/yr

Perfect for individuals who desire to educate Georgians on the risks associated with using TODAY's marijuana & hemp-derived THC products.

Perks: Access to Members Group

Member Vote at Annual Meeting


Collaborators help support collaborations between Let's Be Clear, GA and stakeholders from Helen to Hiawassee. We working together to share evidence-based strategies to reduce marijuana-related harms.

Perks: Educator Perks + Monthly Updates, Access to Webinars, and 50 rack cards

INNOVATORS - $100/yr

Innovators play a crucial role in supporting education and advocacy efforts aimed at preventing marijuana use in Georgia. By promoting awareness and providing resources, innovators can help to reduce the negative impact of marijuana on individuals and communities. 

Perks: Educators + Collaborators + LBCG Polo and One FREE LBCG Presentation

Customize Your Giving

LBCG doesn't want to box anyone in to a certain amount of giving. We realize that we are all in different places financially at different times. We never want money to be a hindrance to you joining our efforts to prevent and reduce marijuana-related harms. Select this option to enter your own customized amount. 

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