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Strengthening Substance Use Prevention: Let's Be Clear GA & Drug-Free Communities

As the Treasurer of Let's Be Clear GA (LBCGA) Board of Directors, I'm honored to be part of an organization committed to a cause that aligns closely with my professional pursuits. I've found a connection between the mission of LBCGA and my role as the Drug-Free Communities (DFC) coordinator in my local community.

My work as the DFC coordinator is to promote substance use prevention campaigns and education, particularly targeting youth in grades 6-12. The DFC program focuses on preventing the use of multiple substances among youth including: marijuana and nicotine. This alignment in objectives immediately drew me to LBCGA, whose mission statement encapsulates the essence of our collective efforts: "To engage in best practices and policies to prevent marijuana use in Georgia using evidence-based prevention education, collaborative, and advocacy strategies."

The synergy between DFC and LBCGA is unmistakable. Both initiatives are rooted in evidence-based prevention strategies and collaborative approaches. By serving on the board of LBCGA, I have access to invaluable resources and networks dedicated to marijuana prevention and education. This collaboration not only enhances my ability to fulfill my responsibilities as the DFC coordinator but also amplifies our collective impact in safeguarding the well-being of our communities, particularly our youth. Being part of LBCGA has opened doors to a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and partnerships.

Being part of LBCGA has opened doors to a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and partnerships. It allows me to stay at the forefront of emerging trends and best practices in substance use prevention, equipping me with the tools necessary to address the evolving challenges faced by our communities.

Moreover, the collaboration between DFC and LBCGA extends beyond a mere alignment of missions; it represents a concerted effort to expand the reach and efficacy of our respective programs. By pooling our resources, insights, and advocacy efforts, we are not only reinforcing our commitment to preventing substance use but also laying the groundwork for a healthier, safer future for generations to come.

Belle Mathis is the DFC Program Coordinator at Bulloch Alcohol & Drug Council in Statesboro. Belle has served in this role for over 2 years. She is a proud "Dog Mom" to Trooper and Daisy, her two labs.

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