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America, You've Been Dupe'd

To say that Americans have been duped by the cannabis industry is the understatement of our lifetime. The narrative that has been told for generations is that marijuana is not harmful. It is a naturally occurring plant that our Creator put here for us to enjoy. That may have been true in Forrest Gump when Ginny (pronounced Jin-Nay) was living out her hippie days, but that era of marijuana no longer exists.

Today, Ginny's pot is considered trash to regular users. That's because it only contained 2-3% THC compared to today's skunk weed which runs more like 20-25% THC. But even that is minor when we start looking into edibles and THC concentrates that contain up to 99% THC. Yes, 99%! These products are dangerous and addictive. No one knows what type of long-term effects may result from using these products. Research does already tell us that teens and young adults who use are at an increased risk for mental health problems, including psychosis and schizophrenia(1). This research does not include the high potency products that contain 30%+ THC.

There is a bill introduced in GA that would eliminate our THC limit and product. Right now, THC oil that is no more than 5% THC is legal. SB 335 would allow any and all products with NO THC LIMIT. Do your homework. Search and find how this type of legalization has affected other states. Marijuana is harmful. THC concentrates poison children and negatively impacts the mental health of teens and young adults. BIG MARIJUANA is just like BIG TOBACCO. It is another ADDICTION-FOR-PROFIT industry.

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